Award Setup in ARC

UPDATED 11/8/2013

After receipt of a new or modified sponsored award from a sponsor, SPA will prepare the award in ARC.  You should provide your SPA Financial Analyst with a completed Department Award Setup Form. 

We need the following information completed on the Department Award Setup Form:

  • Level 8 Department Number
  • Initiative
  • Segment

Access to ARC is initiated by the DAF Administrator through the Financial Systems Security Application in Service Now.

Report Access and Activity Report Access are only necessary for individuals who need to see a particular project or activity but don’t already have ARC security to see reports for that particular department.

In order to have the Report Access role, a Financial Inquiry Application needs to be completed in Service Now.

A PI will automatically have access to his/her sponsored project. The Scope-I has access to reports for an activity. The Co-I, Fellow and Other Key roles do not provide report access.  Only Scope-I and Activity Report Access roles are allowed on individual activities. An individual may only have one role on the project.