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Proposal Face Pages


Award Setup Form


Consultant Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Forms 

Subrecipent Conflict of Interest (COI) Forms

Subawardee compliance with PHS Financial COI regulations, which became effective 8/24/12, must be verified for each proposed subrecipient prior to the submission of any grant or contract proposal. COI Verification can be done one of two ways:

  • If the entity is not in the Clearinghouse, then it must complete the Columbia University Subrecipient Conflict of Interest Form. Provide the completed form to the SPA Project Officer (PO) handling the review and submission of the application. 
In the event a subrecipient indicates during proposal submission that they do not have, but will have, a COI policy in place prior to award, this can be verified by its listing in the FDP Institutional Clearinghouse or by use of the Follow-Up Subrecipient Conflict of Interest Form:

In very unusual circumstances, Principal Investigators can request that subrecipients be covered under Columbia's COI policy.  This form is to be used to request that such an exception be granted for a particular subrecipient on a specific project.


Subaward Forms

Columbia University's policy on Sponsored Projects Subawards and Subrecipient Monitoring can be found in the Administrative Policy Library at: 

To make a subaward request after an award has been made, use the IPASS form at top of page. The IPASS form is used by the SPA Subawards Team to issue Subawards Agreements and Amendments.

  • Subaward Face Page - to be completed by each proposed subrecipient during proposal submission when Columbia is the pass-through entity. - REVISED
  • INBOUND Subaward Face Page - an option to use when another institution acts as the pass-through entity, and Columbia University will be a subrecipient. This form can be used if requested. - NEW
  • Pre-award Assessment of the Proposed Subawards - to be completed when the aggregate amount of all proposed subrecipients in a grant or contract proposal exceeds 50% of the total prime award. Must be provided to SPA Project Officer prior to proposal submission.- REVISED


Compliance Forms

Most forms that require institutional approval (IRB, IACUC, Conflict of Interest, etc.) can be found in RASCAL. Here are direct links to the Offices involved for further guidance:

IRB Protocol Forms - use RASCAL. For more information:

IACUC Protocol Forms - use RASCAL. For more information:

Environmental Health & Safety - use RASCAL to obtain approval for recombinant DNA, infectious agents, human materials or other potentially infectious materials, laser, hazardous chemicals or toxins, and radioisotopes. Safety courses are also available in RASCAL.


Additional Compensation Request Form for Sponsored Projects


Report Requests:

You can request the Business Systems division of SPA for grants data.  Download and submit the following request to

Report Requests for Training Grants

SPA can assist you with producing one of the tables required for NRSA Training Grant applications:  "Institutional Training Grant Support Available to Participating Faculty Members, Department(s), or Program(s)" (known as "Table 3").  This table is required for New and Competing NIH training grant applications.  In order to receive this assistance, please complete the following excel form and return it to SPA Business Systems ( every time you submit a new or competing continuation training grant application.


Invention Agreement Letter

As part of processing University appointments, a signed Invention Agreement Letter is required for all full time Officers of Instruction, salaried Officers of Research, Postdoctoral Clinical and Research Fellows, Student Officers of Research and Graduate Students who receive stipends from pre-doctoral training grants or from individual pre-doctoral fellowships.