Columbia University has a number of resources available to assist faculty, officers of research, postdoctoral fellows and staff to identify funding for research and training. As objectives, opportunities and constraints can and do change among the federal and state agencies and private foundations that provide the vast majority of our outside research funding, many investigators have found it worth the investment to acquaint themselves with the tools available and to ensure they are on various alert systems and email lists.

The following is a list of resources that provide assistance with funding opportunities:

  • The Sponsored Projects Handbook - Chapter 2 gives an overview of how each office assists with identifying funding opportunities, provides links to external resources, and tips.
  • Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)
  • Office of Research Initiatives (RI)
    • interdisciplinary opportunities and/or shared instrumentation grants
    • seed funding
    • limited submissions - where only a select number of grant applications are allowed to be submitted to a sponsor on behalf of Columbia University (as determined by the sponsor)
    • several Listservs available for:
      • Basic Science, Technology and Engineering
      • Medical Research
      • Stem Cell Research