Sponsor Policies

Below are the latest policy guides issued by NSF and NIH.
National Science Foundation (NSF):

NSF issued their latest version of the Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG NSF 16-1), effective January 25, 2016. The revised PAPPG contains updates in many areas, including:

  • Proposal submission - Proposals must be received by NSF by 5 p.m. EST on the established deadline date. Failure to submit by 5.p.m. will result in the proposal not being accepted by NSF. Please work with your assigned Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) Project Officer to ensure the proposal is submitted before 5pm on the deadline date.
  • Biosketch requirements - In FastLane, biographical sketches for senior personnel may no longer be grouped together and uploaded in a single PDF file associated with the PI. Each individual’s biographical sketch must be uploaded as a single PDF file or inserted as text associated with that individual.
  • Current and Pending Support - Revised to reflect that all current project support should be listed in this section of the proposal, including internal funds allocated toward specific projects. It is no longer allowable for the current and pending support of all senior personnel to be grouped together in a single PDF file. Current and pending support must now be uploaded separately for each individual identified on the proposal as senior personnel.
  • Collaborators and Other Affiliations - is a new single-copy document that requires each senior project personnel to provide information regarding collaborators and other affiliations. This information used to be provided as part of the Biographical Sketch. The new format no longer requires proposers to identify the total number of collaborators and other affiliations when providing this information.
  • Public Access to Copyrighted Material is an entirely new section which provides information on NSF’s Public Access Policy. This policy also is referenced in Chapter VI.E.1 on publication and distribution of grant materials. More information to come on this topic in subsequent announcements.
  • See NSF’s Summary of Significant Changes of the PAPPG for the full list of changes