Compliance Quick Links:
  • Sponsored Projects Handbook - Chapter 6, Section E: Special Approvals
    • The Handbook includes information for special approvals on:
      • Financial Conflicts of Interest
      • Effort Reporting
      • Human Subjects
      • Use of Animals
      • Environmental Health and Safety
      • Human Embryos and Embyonic Stem Cells
      • International Research
      • NY Presbyterian Hospital
      • Subawards

University offices involved in the compliance of sponsored projects:

ORCT ensures that the University is in compliance with the complex web of regulatory requirements that govern research. It fulfills that mission in collaboration with other University offices. ORCT administers the University's policies on conflicts of interest, research misconduct and international research, and serves as a resource on compliance questions on a variety of issues, including effort reporting. It also promotes an understanding among the faculty and staff of the requirements they must observe in conducting research through the development of integrated educational programming on compliance across the University.

The Office of the Controller, through SPF, is responsible for the overall fiscal administration of grants and contracts awarded to the University. The specific responsibilities of SPF include sponsored project cash management, financial reporting to sponsors, negotiation of the University's indirect cost recovery and fringe benefit rates, and responding to financial audits of sponsored projects.

Research in which people will be asked to participate cannot begin until it has been approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). This group of people often includes doctors, social workers, nurses, scientists, and people from the local community. They all work together to make sure that human research is well planned and ethical.

The IRB decides, when approving studies, that it is reasonable to ask people whether they want to be involved. Both before and during the research study, the IRB serves to protect the rights and welfare of research participants. It makes sure that any risks in the research study are as small as possible. The IRB also reviews each study while it is active to make sure volunteers continue to be protected.

IACUC ensures that research is conducted in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and policies governing the use of animals in research, including the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. All grant proposals involving the use of animals must submit protocols to IACUC.