Subaward Forms

During proposal submission, when proposed subawards are included in grant and contract proposals:

Go to Internal Forms to obtain required subaward forms, and if necessary, Conflict of Interest (COI) forms. These forms are reviewed by the assigned SPA Project Officer during proposal submission.

When Columbia University receives a Notice of Award (NoA) for a proposal that included subawards:

Submit a Subaward Request Form, which is part of the SPA IPASS Form, located in Internal Forms.  Complete this form and attach a detailed budget, justification, statement of work, Subrecipient IRB/IACUC, and completed Attachment 3A and Attachment 3B.

Attachments 3A & 3B

To be included in the Research Subaward Agreement:

  • Attachment 3A - Prime Recipient Contacts - CUMC campus
  • Attachment 3A - Prime Recipient Contacts - Morningside campus