NIH eRA Commons

The eRA Commons is NIH's electronic interface with the applicant/grantee, supporting the full life cycle of the grant application, from intake through closeout.  With the Commons, you will be able to:

  • Complete the grant application process for applications submitted through
  • Track the status of submitted applications, including the review of the summary statements
  • Submit Just-In-Time information
  • Access grant file documents
  • Submit progress reports, no cost extension notifications, and post-award reports 

Columbia University is registered with NIH eRA Commons.  Principal Investigators (PIs) MUST have a Commons account in order to submit a grant application to the NIH.  To request an eRA Commons account:

You will receive two emails: first, to reset your initial password and second, as confirmation you are registered.


NIH eRA Commons (this link will take you to the login page)

The following links provide useful information and training tools with regards to the eRA Commons: